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One of the best ways of increasing the attractiveness of properties and neighborhoods is to install sidewalks in appropriate places. Sidewalk construction goes smoothly when you hire a professional company like Haskell Paving that has a long list of successful sidewalk and curb installation projects under its belt. We have half a century of experience in installing sidewalks for both residential and commercial properties. We know exactly how to add value to properties by designing, constructing and maintaining sidewalks of all sizes and shapes. Our reputation goes far and wide including in Northern New Jersey (NJ), Bergen County New Jersey (NJ), Westchester County New York (NY), Rockland County New York (NY), and Orange County New York (NY), where we have come to be known as the leading sidewalk and curb company.

Road Safety

Sidewalks are not only a part of personal properties, but are also part and parcel of roadways and highways. It provides safe passage for pedestrians along busy roads where walking on the road can be a risky proposition. The slightly elevated walkway that runs alongside the road is separated from the edge of the road by a raised barrier that runs parallel to the sidewalk. This is known as the curb. It acts as a demarcation between the road and the sidewalk and prevents vehicles from encroaching on sidewalks. Thus sidewalks and curbs go hand in hand to ensure road safety for pedestrians. Sidewalks improve the walkability of a neighborhood or shopping district, encouraging residents and visitors to engage in their community.

Materials of Construction

The majority of parking lot and roadway sidewalks are constructed with concrete. The type of concrete and method used to install it is sometimes regulated by the city or county in which you are working. We are experienced with working with all bodies of government and are able to adhere to these guidelines and explain them to our customers. These guidelines ensure your sidewalk will be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting. We have the knowledge and experience in addition to skilled laborers required to execute sidewalk installation and maintenance projects that spell class. We have executed a variety of sidewalk projects that have become the benchmark for others in the industry. We provide crisp and clear designs that are attractive and easy to install, and add much value to the overall aesthetics of the property. From conception to supervision and installation, we can do it all for you.

Making It Strong and Long Lasting

Since durability of sidewalks is very important, concrete is the material of choice for most sidewalks. In order to add strength to sidewalks, the following steps are taken:

  • As sidewalks are constantly exposed to the elements, which can fluctuate between extremes, sidewalk concrete mix design has to be carefully selected so that it can withstand the stresses of weather changes. The mix design for sidewalk and curb construction is selected based on where the sidewalk will be located and what chemical and structural stressors it will endure.
  • Expansion joints allow the concrete to go through its natural contraction and expansion cycle without cracking the sidewalk. This means your sidewalk install will be a long lasting investment in the curb appeal and safety of your property.
  • For best results and flawless installation, call a reputable and tested sidewalk and curb companies like us to do complete justice to your project. We are experts at sidewalk installation, and we can ensure that you get the best value for money.

Curb material

The most common material used for curbing on private properties or smaller commercial properties is Belgian block curbing. This type of block curbing can also be used to edge an asphalt driveway. The beauty of this material is that it gives a dignified appearance to the sidewalk and enhances the curb appeal greatly. The material is sturdy and versatile, which makes it the best choice even in the most arduous conditions. It creates a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetics of the sidewalk and has a positive impact on the landscape surrounding it. It is a delightful sight to see sidewalks lined with Belgian blocks that create driveways and sidewalks that can even last a lifetime.

Larger commercial properties and roadways typically have concrete curbs. This type of curbing is created by pouring concrete into forms along the edge of sidewalks and parking lots. A master mason builds the form and installs the material. Concrete curbs are both sturdy and eye-pleasing as they add a tailored finishing touch to any parking lot or roadway.

We have been serving the people of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut for the past 50 years in all matters of pavement management. Reach out to us to get a quote for your project of sidewalk paving North New Jersey. We provide these services in counties such as Bergen, Morris, Warren, Passaic, Essex, Sussex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Hudson, Union, Mercer, Monmouth and Middlesex. You won’t be able to resist our prices and our service. Contact us today!