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Paving Replacement and Resurfacing: The Secrets to Great Looking Asphalt!

Haskell Paving offers you over 50 years of experience in roadway and parking lot new construction paving and asphalt resurfacing. From minor restoration jobs to major new construction, we have resources to cover it all. Unlike other Commercial Paving companies, we believe in isolating the root causes of your problem before tackling them with the latest technology. We have the capability to guide you through each and every step of laying down a new roadway or parking lot or renovating your existing asphalt pavement.

Parking lot and roadway paving is Haskell Paving’s primary scope of work. The most common causes of asphalt discoloration and degradation seen in the New Jersey area are age, weather changes, direct sunlight and UV damage, inadequate water drainage, and overuse. We are able to identify the current and potential future issues with your asphalt pavement and recommend a course of action to prevent further damage and repair or replace the existing material.

Developing Your New Construction Office Parking Lot or Neighborhood Roadway

Haskell Paving specializes in new asphalt paving construction. We are able to guide you through the entire process of establishing a new parking lot or roadway. This includes the steps of removing any unwanted materials such as trees, grading the soil, installing dense grade aggregate, installing base course asphalt and top course asphalt, installing curbs and wheel stops, and applying any line striping or signs that might be required.

Does Your Existing Roadway or Parking Lot Need the Haskell Paving Treatment?

Take a close look at your roadway or parking lot. Do you see cracks on the surface? These cracks can be clustered at one place and resemble alligator skin, or they can slowly eat away the asphalt from the edges. Though easy to ignore initially, these hairline cracks can allow water to seep in and expand resulting in deeper structural damage. Left unaddressed, cracks will widen and deepen resulting in eventual potholes. Potholes are unsightly, but more importantly cause damage to the car tires of your customers, employees, or residents.

If your pavement looks dull and uneven, it is because the weather and regular wear and tear has taken a toll on the asphalt surface. The top layer of asphalt has been worn away, or has been damaged by the sun. This gradual weakening of the surface layer will eventually lead to deeper structural damage and is definitely an indication you need to inquire about commercial paving resurfacing or replacement.

Most Common Types of Commercial Parking Lot and Roadway Repair

The kind of asphalt restoration recommended depends on the extent of damage. We typically recommend one of the following methods:

  • Commercial asphalt removal and replacement: While new construction is appropriate in some situations, at other times asphalt paving removal and replacement may fit the bill. As existing asphalt pavement progresses through its performance lifecycle, its appearance diminishes over time. Fine hairline cracks spread and deepen within the asphalt. Without ongoing maintenance, water may enter through cracks and holes may form, undermining the substrate. In this case, the most effective form of repair is to remove the existing material and replace the dense grade aggregate, base course asphalt and top course asphalt. Removal and replacement is recommended for pavement that has significant potholes, rutting, deterioration and is usually over 10 years old.
  • Overlay resurfacing: The asphalt commercial resurfacing process consists of several steps including preparing and cleaning the area prior to performing work, leveling the asphalt in low areas, grinding all the transitions, adjusting all the drainage structures, and many other steps unique to each site. In low areas of the pavement, hot asphalt is installed at various depths to adjust pitch to proper grades while increasing parking lot strength. This hot asphalt is called leveling binder. In areas requiring the resurfaced asphalt to tie into other existing surfaces, we will use our Wirtgen milling machine to complete transitional milling or grinding. This results in a butt joint between the asphalt surface and the existing other surface. These existing other surfaces would include concrete surfaces. With the butt joint and grinding process, asphalt is removed along the perimeter to allow proper depth of asphalt on the edge. Finally, a layer of tack is applied to the existing asphalt. We follow this up with the installation of additional top course asphalt which is then spread and compacted to the desired thickness.

How Do We Recommend a Type of Asphalt Repair?

Your business’ parking lot or neighborhood roadway takes a regular beating from car traffic, extreme temperature changes, precipitation, sunlight and natural breakdown from age. The pavement may demand occasional professional maintenance in order to restore its former glory. Here are some of the conditions we consider before undertaking any commercial resurfacing or new construction paving job:

  • We check the physical characteristics of your parking lot or job site including the current condition
  • We factor in the types of vehicles which will use the roadway and/or the parking lot
  • We also look for a pattern of traffic flow and relevant safety requirements if you have a parking lot or roadway accessible by the public

How Can I Improve the Appearance of My Parking Lot Today?

The most cost effective and immediate method to improve the appearance of your parking lot or roadway is crack filling and sealcoating. This is a common quick fix while you budget for a more long term and structural solution. You can see our handiwork in Bergen, Morris, Essex, Sussex, Union, Somerset and Middlesex counties. While crack filling temporarily rejoins the pavement of the roadway or parking lot, sealcoating beautifies the area with a shiny black surface layer. Parking lot paving cost in North New Jersey is quite low, and the processes we are about to discuss now will give you a new perspective on driveway repair and restoration within shoestring budgets.

  • Crack filling: it is as simple as the name states. This process is employed to fill the cracks in the asphalt of your roadway or parking lot. This reduces the chances of further deterioration of the surface asphalt and the asphalt sub-grade. This is recommended annually in conjunction with sealcoating. Here are a few pros of our exclusive crack filling services:
  • It keeps water out of the sub-grade and base
  • It reduces the degradation of your parking lot that is caused by drastic weather change
  • It protects the asphalt sub-base and base
  • It overall extends the life of your pavement and/or parking lot
  • Sealcoating: this is a completely pocket friendly beautification process for your parking lot or roadway. It is one of the most crucial aspects of asphalt parking lot and roadway maintenance. You can apply a seal coat every 1-2 years and keep your pavement looking fresh, black and smooth forever. Wondering what makes Haskell Paving sealcoating services so special?
  • Improves the appearance of your parking lot in less than a day’s time
  • Deters water penetration though asphalt and prevents cracks and potholes
  • Prevent oil stains and gas spills
  • Adds to the flexibility of the top asphalt coat

Haskell Paving: Specialized Services

Give our customer service agents at Haskell Paving a call anytime to get the best quote for our services in Northern New Jersey (NJ), Bergen County New Jersey (NJ), Westchester County New York (NY), Rockland County New York (NY) and Orange County New York (NY). You can call today for a free appointment with our estimators.

Remember, Haskell Paving also has specialized in commercial snow plowing for Northern New Jersey for all local clients. Call our 24-hour service to make sure that your driveway stays plowed and salted throughout the dreadful winters. We have a full range of the best equipment in NJ and we are ready with seasonal pricing for the most economic snow plowing services.