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Asphalt Milling: Redefining Roadways and Parking Lots!

Asphalt milling or profiling is one of the most common asphalt reconstruction methods today. As a matter of fact, you may have even caught sight of the giant machines and their operators on your way to the office or the supermarket without even realizing so. Asphalt milling is most commonly used to prepare parking lots, roadways, and highways for new asphalt installation. Haskell Paving, Inc. has come to be known as a pioneer in the industry with its state-of-the-art equipment and expertise.

What is Asphalt Milling?

Asphalt milling involves a few integrated steps. First, the existing asphalt is removed to a specified depth with the aid of advanced machinery. Here at Haskell Paving, we use a Wirtgen cold milling machine for digging up asphalt to a desired depth, which is most commonly 2 to 4 inches. If required, the machines are equipped to dig out asphalt up to a depth of 12 inches. The recommended depth of asphalt removal is dictated by the extent of asphalt deterioration as well as the plan for asphalt replacement. Our expert estimators and operators are able to assist you or your engineer in determining the most appropriate depth.

Sensors on the milling machine make it extremely easy to automatically maintain a standard milling depth. This versatile machine can be used to establish a specific grade, remove any ruts or other imperfections, or bring the area all the way down to the stone for a demolition mill. Our 4’ drum machine enables us to work in much tighter areas and reduces the daily cost of larger machines

Why is Cold Milling a Good Idea for Everyone?

Cold milling machines are environmentally friendly as they have provisions for transporting and storing the removed asphalt into a dump truck that takes them to the asphalt recycling center where they are recycled to make new asphalt. The milled surface is power-swept to get rid of all debris left behind from the milling process. The milled surface is then able to be driven on immediately until you are ready to install new asphalt.

Why Do People of NJ, NY, and CT Love Milling?

Asphalt milling is the solution to a pavement area that is filled with potholes and other damaged asphalt that cannot be resurfaced or overlaid. Milling is used to return parking lots and roadways to a fresh surface which can then be immediately driven on until you are ready to pave it. Most people do pave the area as soon as possible. Milling is done quickly with minimal interruption to the traffic flow.

The benefits of Haskell Paving’s milling service include:

  • Removing the ruts and smoothening the wash boarding
  • No requirement for immediate reconstruction
  • Restoring the profile of your driveway and curb
  • Matching curb to the pavement and creating an effective gutter area
  • Round the clock service for all clients irrespective of location within New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut
  • Minimal interruption to traffic flow

Your Asphalt Milling Options

The most common question asked by our clients is — what is a milling rental? A milling rental includes our Wirtgen cold milling machine, an experienced and professional operator, and a man on the ground to ensure the milling process is completed efficiently and cleanly. When we provide you with a milling rental, you are responsible for hiring and supervising dump trucks to bring the millings to a certified recycling center or stockpiling area as well as a crew to power sweep and chip the milled area in order to ensure it is perfectly prepared for asphalt installation.

If you would rather we handle all the aspects of milling your asphalt parking lot or roadway, we recommend a full service mill. During a full service mill, our foreman arranges for and supervises each step of the process. This includes the dump trucks used for transporting millings, availability at the closest recycling center, the power sweeper and the crew to manage all these jobs.

If you are unsure which type of milling job is best for your company, give us a call. We can discuss the details of your project and advise you on the most cost efficient and headache-free option.

Haskell Paving — A Leader in Milling Services

Haskell Paving started the milling division in early 2005 and soon we became the pioneer of this field of work with our services covering multiple counties and states including Northern New Jersey (NJ), Bergen County New Jersey (NJ), Westchester County New York (NY), Rockland County New York (NY) and Orange County New York (NY). The Haskell Paving milling team is like a family, held together for over 10 years. Over a decade of experience combined with the Wirtgen asphalt miller rental makes Haskell Paving the best option for all residents of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren counties of New Jersey.

We Are Always Ready to Help

If you are worried about shooting past your yearly budget, why don’t you give our customer service agents a call? We are here 24 x 7 to answer all your queries about the estimated budget, requirements and asphalt millings NJ. Our professional team can visit your job site any time to evaluate the damage and determine the possible services required. Get in touch with us today!